Two CA Senate Bills that involve human trafficking concerns are being reviewed by the Commission on the Status of Women to determine whether or not the Commission will recommend supports for the proposed legislation. The purpose of the first bill, SB 1388, is to establish additional fines for pimps who try to exploit minors under the age of 16. The bill establishes at least 48 hours of jail time and an additional fine for individuals who have purchased a commercial sexual act. It also calls for the replacement of the term prostitution with the term commercial sex and for the creation of a Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children Services Fund that is financed by the fines imposed upon individuals convicted of having commercial sex with a minor. The second bill, SB 1165, authorizes schools to provide specified sexual abuse and sex trafficking prevention education, and requires the next revision of the health framework to include a specific category on sexual abuse and sex trafficking prevention education. The Commission on the Status of Women has been carefully analyzing both bills in order to make sure that they represent the best interests of people living and working in San Mateo County.