Marguerite Machen has been a resident of Daly City most of her life. She attended UC Berkeley for her undergraduate education and San Francisco State University for graduate school, studying Psychology and African-American Studies.

In 1997, she founded the Machen Center with her mother, Ms. Machen, and sister, Barbara. Ms. Machen's fundamental belief that "every individual needs unconditional love and support in order to succeed in life" is what has inspired Marguerite to commit her life to helping others through her volunteer position as a Youth & Family Advocate. As the Machen Center Board President, she is also in charge of organizing fundraisers and bringing visibility to the organization.

Marguerite has been a Community Worker for San Mateo County for over 15 years. Her focus has been on empowering the teen population through health education, mentoring, and referrals to various resources ensuring they make fully informed decisions.

Marguerite was the 2008 Woman of Excellence Honoree by the City Council of the City of Daly City. This honor was given to her in recognition of her courage, vision, and commitment to enrich the quality of life in the Daly City community.

CSW Director Honora Miller and fellow Commissioner Sandra Schuster, sparked Marguerite's interest in applying to be a Commissioner in 2013 during the Commission’s Clothing Drive. Being part of a group with so many female role models has enhanced her focus on women and children's issues. She hopes this knowledge can be an inspiration to her five nieces.

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