Tanisha Hughes is a San Francisco-Bay Area native who works and resides in San Mateo County. Tanisha’s commitment to social justice and advocacy has led to career in social services. With over nine years of experience in Nonprofit Management, Tanisha specializes in areas of staff recruitment and development, program development, contract management, and strategic planning.

Tanisha has worked with nonprofit organizations committed to progressive social change, empowerment and advocacy in the Bay Area since acquiring her B.A. in Sociology from the University of California at Berkeley in 2002. As a proponent of education and public service, Tanisha acquired an Executive Masters in Public Administration from Golden Gate University while working in the field.

Since 2011, Tanisha has been employed by CORA—Community Overcoming Relationship Abuse as the Manager of Client Services. In her role, she provides program oversight and ensures services are designed to provide safety, support, and healing to individuals and families impacted by domestic violence in San Mateo County.

Prior to working at CORA, Tanisha worked in supportive housing in San Francisco developing strategies and providing program support to increase self-sufficiency for previously homeless individuals and families. With a passion for youth development, Tanisha spent the early years of her career working with at-risk youth in therapeutic residential settings. Still fueled by her desire to empower the youth, Tanisha provides support to Canyon Oaks Youth Center in San Mateo County outside of her work with CORA.

Understanding any form of social change requires a shift in social norms, Tanisha recognizes the importance of civic engagement. As a former member of the SFHSPN- San Francisco Homeless Service Provider Network, Tanisha realized the necessity in cultivating strategic partnerships with other community-based organizations. Tanisha currently serves as the co-chair of the Coordinated Response Committee and is an active member of the Batterers Intervention Program Committee of San Mateo County’s Domestic Violence Council.

With proven success providing culturally competent services to diverse populations and fostering community collaborations, Tanisha was inspired to join the Commission in 2013 to contribute to improving the quality of life for women of all ages in San Mateo County.

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